14.4V NiMH Replacement Battery for Black & Decker Power Tool

Model Number:


Compatible Battery Models:

Black & Decker A1714, A14, A14F, A144, A144EX, HPB14, 499936-34, 499936-35.

Product Specification

CAPACITY 2000mAh , 2500mAh , 3000mAh
OEM Acceptable

EnnoTool batteries and accessories goes rigorous quality checks to ensure better performance standards when compared to other replacement batteries while keeping the prices in check.


Compatible tools: BD12PSK, BDBN1202, BDG1200K, BDGL12K, BDID1202, CD1200SK, CD12SFK, CDC1200K, CDC120AK, CDC120ASB, CP122K, CP122KB, CP12K, CP12KB, EPC12, EPC12CA, EPC12CABK, EPC12CAK, EPC12CAT22A, EPC12CBT22A, EPC126, EPC126BK, HP12K, HP12KD, HP122K, HP122KD, HP122, HP126F2B, HP126F2K, HP12BD146F3, BDG14SF-2, BDGL1440, BDGL14K-2, CD142SK, CD14SFK, CDC140AK, CDC1440K, CP14K, CP14KB, EPC142K2, EPC146, EPC146BK, EPC148BK, EPC148CBK, EPC14CA, EPC14CAB, EPC14CABK, EPC14K2, FS146F4, GC1440, HP142K, HP142KD, HP146F2, HP146F2B, HP146F3B, HP146F3K, HP146FBH, HP148F2, HP148F2B, HP148F2K, HP148F2R, HP148F3B, HP148F3K, HP14K, HP14KD, HPD1400, HPD14K-2, HPS1440, KC2002F, KC2002FK, NM14, PS142K, PS142KB, PS142K2, R143F2 (RADIO), RD1440K, RD14 SS14, SX4000, SX5500, SX6000, SX7000, SX7500, SXR14, XTC143BK.

This 12V Black & Decker battery Replacement is fully compatible with Black & Decker A1712, A12, A12EX, FSB12, FSB120B, FSB120BX, BD-1204L, B-8315, BPT1047.

All EnnoTool Battery Packs are subjected to high-level quality control checks and contains no mercury or lead to support the sustainability of pollution prevention and control. We accept bulk orders and rebranding. Send us an inquiry for pricing and shipping options at info@ennotool.com

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